PWD and Employment

Person with Disability and Employment By SHAWY As the global scenarios take a turn, the earth that was a huge mass of land and oceans turns into a global village and the population that hadn’t crossed millions in centuries crosses the mile stone of billions in just a century, the competition between each individual rises […]

StartUps and Challenges

StartUps and Challenges By SHAWY The First Stage of a Startup: Entrepreneurship is on the rise, and with the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem, comes great business ideas and designs. But baby-businesses, the startups, are not just limited to ideas, but need an exhaustive amount of dedication, hard-work and positive attitude. They might sound appealing and glamorous […]

Immigration to Canada

Immigration to Canda By SHAWY Canada has one of the highest per capita immigration in the world. Its unique economic structure is majorly depended on its immigrants. The welcoming attitude of Canadians and the standard of lifestyle the country offers have attracted people en masse. In these days of anti-immigrant polarization, the country’s staunch support […]

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