Custom Application Development

Custom software development is our speciality, having the distinct pedigree in building, supporting and integrating enterprise class software products.

Mobile App Development

Churning out millions of app codes has offered us in gaining expertise over it. We blend our knowledge and skills in order to deliver world class mobile app development services.


iOS App Development

We have incredible creative team of iOS application developers to build feature-rich mobile applications.


Android App Development

We handle very well the highly fragmented multi-device world. We’ve developed hundreds of cool Android apps from simple phones to custom devices to Android wearables — we’ve done it all.


Cross Platform App Development

Having a kick-ass team of cross platform developers and HTML5 we clearly understand the uniqueness of each platform and build cross platform apps for any business or requirement.

Web App Development

Web application development involves many stages, from strategizing to accurate planning, a necessary research, business consulting, design, programming, testing and training.


Web Application Frameworks

We uses the best, most advanced architecture, object-oriented best practices; simplicity and a comprehensive code base. We work with clients to select an appropriate programming framework based on each client’s requirements.


JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

We hold specialization in various JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks that are well suited to each client’s needs.


Programming Languages

We hold proficiency in programming languages and works with its clients therefore understands client’s’ requisite on the same.

Integration and Migration Services

Our Integration and Migration services ensures a smooth and integration to improve operational efficiency.


Transparency and seamless

Real-time flow of information across organization, which results in better informed business decisions.


Streamlined Process Management

Streamlined processes enables custom automation and reduce operational costs


High Operational Efficiency

Optimized IT landscape results in high operational efficiency and reduced wastage of time and resources.

SaaS Services

SaaS services offered by TechnoCred are unique blend of reliability, proactive and powerful security, and high-quality, hassle-free service management.


Integration and API Developers

Effective SaaS solution should intelligently communicate with other 3rd party solutions, datasources, and services. We help make that possible.


Integrated Reporting and Data Analytics

We take care of data preparation, data collection, developing predictive analytics algorithms, creating stunning data visualization solutions, almost everything.


Cloud & Strategy

We help SaaS app owners deploy and manage their apps on cloud infrastructure.


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