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Get the Right Fit

At TechnoCred, we extremely enjoy finding the leaders of tomorrow and take immense pride in being associated with a talent base who will be potentially leading the organisations to the next level of growth with their continuous and consistent contributions.

Whilst you are busy building your company, we are already engaged with your potential recruits who have their own unique strengths and aspirations that we align suitably to ensure the right FIT for your talent requirements.

What makes us different is truly imbibed in our core values. Our Team’s commitment is derived from the fact that we work for our clients as our own company and align its goals with our client’s objectives thus making sure that we always create the best value and deliver an unparallel service to our clients.

Permanent Staffing Solutions

Having an advanced talent in your organization to work for you can bring unexpected and long-lasting success to your business. With a humongous boost in the digital era, it has become extremely important to have a knowledgeable individual for a permanent position. Since the spot of a permanent employee comes with the greater responsibilities, filling this position consumes time and needs financial flexibility.

TechnoCred’s permanent placement staffing solutions are the result of years of recruiting experience.Our expertise helps us to approach the right candidates and onboard them for a long-lasting association. We believe in offering higher rates of on-the-job success to benefit both the parties.Our forte is providing the much-needed agility to your business along with driven permanent staffing services.

On-Board Finest Talent With Our IT Contract Staffing

TechnoCred is one of the leading contract staffing companies in North America that excel in offering innovative and efficient staffing solutions to meet your fluctuating candidate needs. These solutions could be short-term assignments or seasonal placements demanding temporary staffing or contract to hire staffing.

Whatever your requirements are we ensure you receive agile solutions that give you the highly qualified talent that will justify your job requirements and will full fill the responsibilities with efficiency. The comprehensive workforce solutions we offer provide you with better flexibility. This helps you to tackle unpredictable challenges and gain business growth.

Contract to Hire services

Contract to Hire services is as promising and result driven solution for special projects, workload fluctuations, and staff shortages. Hiring temporary or contract-based employee will offer you the liberty of hiring and releasing a candidate as and when needed. The time span may vary and could be anything between one day to several years.

Our professionals work effortlessly to help you meet your niche business needs by offering top-notch IT professionals that involve skilled application developers, business analysts, project managers,  hard to find tech stacks candidates etc.

Dedicated RPO Solutions

Are you ready to leverage the cost-efficiency and agility offered by Recruitment Process Outsourcing? By allowing an expert Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services provider to take care of your entire recruitment processes, you can benefit from the specialized market knowledge of the hiring experts.

While small companies lack the internal resources to conduct adequate candidate research, big corporations want to widen their talent pool and focus on core functionalities of the company by reducing money and workforce involved in the extensive recruitment processes.

StartUp Services

TechnoCred has redefined the whole startup hiring business for the better. We are the pioneers for startup hiring across North America.

Our talent acquisitions specialists help funded technology,Data,AI, product, internet, ecommerce and mobile app startups find the right people who match their passion and vision.

With recruiters spread across the region and having strong database of candidates for FTE and Contract, TechnoCred helps startups find talent across domains and levels.

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