Reasons To Recruit Person with Disability Candidates

Reason to Recruit Person with Disability


One of the major struggles a disabled person has to face is to get recruited for a job. Persons with disability (PWDs) comprises between one-fifth to one-sixth of world’s population. But the unemployment rate for workers with disability is twice that of workers without disability. Whilst India has ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disability (UNCRPD), persons with disability continue to face many difficulties in the labor market. It is estimated that the country’s 4-5% of the population is disabled, making it one of the largest yet most undervalued labour-forces. Certain initiatives have been taken by the governments for the development of the community in the public sector, and due to this growing awareness, the private sector is also not lacking behind. Companies such as Wipro and Titan traditionally employ disabled people as an integrated part of their policy. Both the public and private sectors, around the world, are taking various initiatives to make the community financially and socially developed. Below are the many benefits and reasons to have a disabled-friendly policies for an organization:


Persons with disability are more reliable and have overall high rate of job retention. Many times it can be seen that disabled people are more likely to work harder to prove themselves and take less absent days from that of their non-disabled colleagues. Their financial assistance and their passion to come out of the “different side of population” and eradicate the sense of alienation do not only make them reliable candidates, but also hard-working participants. They can be easily trusted, both professionally and personally, making the work environment more and more positive and optimistic.


One of the chief reasons for any company’s success is its inclusive atmosphere. Both workers, disabled and non-disabled, will learn a great deal of things from each other and will be more compassionate towards each other. Non-disabled workers might realize the privileges that they had taken for granted, like the accessibility that disabled people face problems in. This will encourage them to work harder and learn from people who are less privileged than them. The positive vibes will also promote healthy work environment and give the company more homely touch.

Problem Solvers:

They are exceptional people, making them exceptional problem solvers. They face challenges everyday that we might never come across and they easily tackle them. They see things differently and might come up with the idea that can take the organization to another level. Their hope for a better world will motivate them to brainstorm themselves for a bright future.

Persons with disability (PWDs) comprises between one-fifth to one-sixth of world’s population. But the unemployment rate for workers with disability is twice that of workers without disability.

For Disabled Customers:

Employees with disability can help you to understand what your customers or clients with disability may need, and give you an edge over your competitors. They will make better contacts with them and their friendly behavior will increase the repute of the organization.


Disabled people are more likely to be cautious and conscious of their hygiene and safety than their counterparts. Their attitude towards things that their colleagues consider to be petty such as safety and hygiene will make them realize the importance of little things in the working environment. The more hygienic and safe the environment, the more productivity and progress.

Source Of Inspiration:

We all need inspiration at some point of our working life. And who is a better inspiration than a person who is not as much privileged as you but is still working hard? This sense of compassion and inspiration will help the other employees to see the world differently and to never lose hope.


If your strategy is not only commercial development but also social development, then hiring disabled employees might get you some funds that will help the company for its promotion on social grounds and also the community on economical grounds. Organizations with social appeal easily get recognized and this will help you to build the name and fame of the company.

Gender And Disability:

One of the most marginalized communities in the world is disabled women. While we are still fighting for the rights of women, there is a sub-community that needs major attention. The amount of opportunities that they lack is painstaking and needs to be addressed by all the  major firms, both public and private.

Humanitarian Purposes:

As the thinking and responsible citizens of the society, it becomes our duty to help one of the most undervalued communities in the world. This will not only make us a better and compassionate individual, but also give us a respectable stature in the society. Companies that hire disabled people are appreciated and respected for doing so, and their productivity increases because of the positivity and humanity that they spread. Disabled people are as much capable as us, all they need is a little bit care and support.

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