StartUps and Challenges

StartUps and Challenges


The First Stage of a Startup:

Entrepreneurship is on the rise, and with the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem, comes great business ideas and designs. But baby-businesses, the startups, are not just limited to ideas, but need an exhaustive amount of dedication, hard-work and positive attitude. They might sound appealing and glamorous initially but startups face a number of challenges that may trip them up in their long journey. Many startups rush into development of an idea before truly understanding the requirements for a successful product and before validating the viability of the opportunity. The challenges faced are not only in the development of the idea but in the execution of the idea.

The Right People:

Your first employee should be like your friend. The amount of proximity you share with your team heavily decides how far your business will go. Your teammates need to be active, dedicated, passionate about their work and ready to face the challenges growing business faces. And recruiting the right people is one of the most important steps for its growth. Recruiting for a startup is drastically different from working in-house at a large tech company. You not only have to recognize their talent and their potential, but also understand what the candidate demands from you and your company. This is where the companies that solely focus on recruitment come in handy, because they understand their candidates better and help you to build a team that suits your demands.


No matter how many times business blogs and magazines remind us to have an inclusive environment, we always fail to understand its importance. Being truly inclusive do not only output the social good of your company, but also provides an environment where all kind of ideas and talent are welcomed, and this proportionally widens the capital and social stature of the company. Many big companies have reserved a place for differently-abled people, transgenders, and people with different sexual-orientation, setting an example for the budding businesses to take note.

Collaborating With The Competition:

When business becomes a culture, competition entails. Startup culture is highly competitive, and the objective is not only to discern the competition but to collaborate with your competitors. We have to build a strong support network to learn from each other and share lessons learned for positive growth. We have to complete each others needs and demands, and look forward to work with the companies in future for mutual development. Healthy communication plays an important role in the growth of the business, and such communication often leads to bilateral agreement of sharing resources. This lightens the workload and helps the startup grow with other businesses.


Candidates with a business or design background may not understand the language of technology, let alone the latest trends in tools and platforms. Conversely, techies may not grasp the design and financial issues which go into building full-scale customer offerings. The important aspect of a healthy startup lies in the proper distribution of the work and the proper engagement with your teammates and the work they do. Being ignorant of your teammate’s work often leads to the collapse in the structure of the business.

How TechnoCred Can Help You:

TechnoCred helps you to communicate with candidates having required skills and requisite experience who are passionate to work and seeking jobs in different firms. We are deriving our expertise from our 15 plus years of experience in the Information Technology space which has assisted us in some very good contacts and network within the industry. Our screening process include authenticating the candidate and providing our clients the best they deserve. We are majorly focused on the hiring process in startup culture, the recruitment of PWD and Transgenders to introduce diversity in the working space, and providing strategic inputs to our clients.

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